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Aida and Amari

How to Play Basketball Updated Cover.png

How to Play Basketball

Latest Release

How to Play BASKETBALL is a short story about a young girl named Aida who develops her gametime readiness playing basketball. Join Aida, her brother Amari, and their dad as Aida learns the importance of hard work and perseverance. Will she learn how to play basketball and improve her game, all while having some fun?

Amari Plays Basketball Ebook cover

Amari Plays Basketball

Available Now

Amari Plays Basketball follows Amari as he takes responsibility for himself and improves his basketball skills. Join Amari, his sister Aida, and Dad as Amari embraces the value of practice for progress. Will Amari keep up with regular basketball practices, focus and reach his full potential?


Aida's First Day of School

Available Now

Aida's First Day of School follows Aida on her first day at a new school. Join Aida's brother Amari as they encourage Aida to have a positive mindset. Will Aida stay motivated and make new friends on her first day of school.

Aida's Joy-FINAL UPDATED-Front Cover.png

Aida's Joy

Available Now

Aida’s Joy follows a little girl’s experience of losing her front teeth and being teased about it at school. Join Aida and her family on her journey to self-confidence as she writes in her journal. How will Aida respond next time in class when someone makes fun of her missing teeth?


The Champ

Available Now

Follow Amari on his journey to become the next soccer champion! The Champ captures the relationship between a boy and his grandpa. Join Amari, his sister Aida, and Grandpa on their quest to turn Amari into a champion who embraces the value of teamwork! Order now on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Amari and Aida SOCCER Coloring _ Activities WB-FINAL UPDATED COVER.png

The Champ Activity Book

Available Now

Complete your Aida and Amari series collection with The Champ's new companion workbook, Amari and Aida Soccer Coloring & Activity Workbook for Kids. Continue the adventure through exciting coloring pages and fun puzzles. Order your copy on Amazon or Barnes & Noble today! 

How to Play Basketball Updated Cover.png

Aida Plays Soccer

Coming Soon

Brace yourselves for more thrilling news! Another addition to the Amari and Aida series is heading your way soon – Aida Plays Soccer. Keep an eye out for additional details!

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Dad wears our soccer t-shirt! He inputs scores for our games!
Grandpa says, "Amari, soccer is not just about you. It takes more than one person to make a team. You and Aida must play the game together."
My name is Aida. I enjoy playing Soccer. Kicking the ball and scoring goals is so much fun!
My name is Amari. I love to play soccer. I am a great player and live for kicking the ball. My favorite part is scoring goals!
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Meet the Characters!

Mom feeds our goldfish, Goldie! She motivates and supports us even after the game!
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