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About Us

- Sprinkle Joy Publishing -

Carline Constant and Gregory Constant are a mother-and-son writing duo who seeks to take on the world and make it a brighter place, one book at a time. Through Sprinkle Joy Publishing Books, Carline and Gregory spread joy as an uplifting tool in their stories, creating characters who touch the hearts and minds of their readers.

With Carline’s experience as an educator, Gregory’s knack for sports, business, and tech, and their mutual love for storytelling, they craft books that not only resonate emotionally and mentally, but also reach those in need of some much-needed positivity in their lives.

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Gregory Constant, Author

Gregory Constant is a young, entrepreneur, and technology professional. He earned a bachelor's degree in informatics from the State University of New York at Albany.

Carline Constant, Author

Carline Constant is a mother, writer, and educator. She earned a master's degree in Education from Brooklyn College City University of New York.

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Leena Shariq, Illustrator

Leena Shariq is a self-taught, Pakistan based children's book Illustrator and Portrait Artist. Encouraged by her parents, Leena started freelancing at the age of 16, and after only four years, she has illustrated one children's books after another.

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