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Sprinkle Joy Books Newsletter! (June-July)

Thanks to God for everything


Exciting News!

We have some fantastic news to share! Our second book in the Amari and Aida series, “Aida's Joy”, has just been released. You might remember our debut book, The Champ, which expresses Amari’s inspiring journey to becoming a soccer champion through the power of teamwork. Well, “Amari and Aida in Aida's Joy” centers around Amari's younger sister, Aida, and her journey toward self-confidence after losing her front teeth.

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Amari and Aida in Aida’s Joy

By Carline Constant and Gregory Constant “Amari and Aida in Aida’s Joy” follows a little girl’s experience of losing her front teeth and being teased about it at school. Join Aida and her family on her journey to self-confidence as she writes in her journal. How will Aida respond next time in class when someone makes fun of her missing teeth?

Grab a copy of “Amari and Aida in Aida’s Joy” now on Amazon or Barnes & Noble!


Amari and Aida Book Series

(1) The Champ (2) Amari and Aida in Aida’s Joy

The “Amari and Aida” book series aims to teach and build basic morals in children through the exciting and empowering journeys of two characters, Amari and Aida. The first book in the series, The Champ focuses on building sportsmanship in children and teaches them the value of teamwork.

“Amari and Aida in Aida’s Joy”, the second book in the series builds up on a child’s self-confidence in how they look and teaches them to stand up for themselves when teased by others.


The Co-Authors

Carline Constant and Gregory Constant are a mother-and-son author duo who seeks to take on the world and make it a brighter place, one book at a time.

Through Sprinkle Joy Publishing Books, Carline and Gregory spread joy as an uplifting tool in their stories, creating characters that touch the hearts and minds of their readers.

With Carline’s experience as an educator, Gregory’s knack for sports, business, and tech, and their mutual love for storytelling, they craft books that not only resonate emotionally and mentally but also reach those in need of some much-needed positivity in their lives.

Carline and Gregory are co-authors of the newly released book, “Amari and Aida in Aida’s Joy”. It captures the relationship between a girl, her brother, and her mother on their journey to build self-confidence after being teased by her friends.

Follow their work by visiting Sprinkle Joy Books today.


Quick Q&A with the Co-Authors

Q1. What inspired you to write “Amari and Aida in Aida’s Joy”?

The inspiration for “Amari And Aida In Aida’s Joy” was creating a book where Aida is the main character and allowing her to tell her story of keeping her self-confidence. Since Aida loves to smile, we decided upon the title ‘Aida’s Joy’

Q2. What message do you hope young readers will take away from the book?

The message we hope young readers take away from this book is having self-confidence and knowing the importance of holding on to their joy (smile, be thankful and hopeful), the strong positive strength that they have inside them. We want the readers to have the ability to voice and journal their emotions, feelings, and ideas to continue to develop their self-confidence.

Q3. Can you tell us more about your writing process for "Amari and Aida in Aida's Joy"? Did you encounter any challenges along the way?

The writing process for “Amari And Aida In Aida’s Joy” was fun because the steps from brainstorming, outlining, and drafting the story allowed us to go back in time to when we were little, talking about, visualizing our experiences of losing our front teeth, waiting impatiently for new teeth to grow.

The challenges we encountered along the way were keeping the story at grade level to allow our readers to understand the message of ‘joy’ as an inner strength. Thanks to our editors, Melissa Kaye, and Millie Godwin for the great revision suggestions.

In addition, we decided to add the illustrations of 'My Front Teeth' in the book to show the actual process of how Aida’s front teeth started wiggling and eventually came out. Thanks to our illustrator Leena Shariq for her beautiful illustrations of the process, from Aida's wiggling teeth to her teeth coming out.

Q4. How do you hope your book will impact children who may be struggling with their own self-confidence or other challenges in their lives?

We hope that our books in the Aida and Amari Series will impact children who are struggling

with their own self-confidence or other challenges in their lives to know that they’re not alone, other children struggle as well. We want children to understand their inner strengths and to be able to voice or write their emotions, feelings, and ideas.

Also, we hope that our books impact parents, grandparents, siblings, or caretakers in realizing the struggles many youths face to help in empowering them to develop inner joy.

Q5. Are there any upcoming projects or plans for the Amari and Aida series that you can share with us?

The Aida and Amari Series includes two upcoming projects. “Amari And Aida in Aida’s First Day Of School” will launch in August of 2023. The story takes us on Aida’s experience in developing an attitude of self-motivation and having a positive mindset with the help of family.

“Amari And Aida in Amari Plays Basketball” will launch in November of 2023, the story follows Amari as he takes responsibility for himself and improves his basketball skills.

See our authors' reveal book covers in the Aida and Amari Series by Sprinkle Joy Publishing!

Thanks to God for everything.


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