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Updated: Jun 13

To God Be The Glory!


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Our Mission

Sprinkle Joy Publishing aims to entertain and teach young readers about life experiences with one story at a time. Through the characters' words and rightful actions, we not only spread joy and positivity among readers of all ages but also teach them family values and life lessons.

Our family-oriented books present the beautiful relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, siblings, and the relationship between parents and children.

Realistic Fiction Books

Our current book series, Amari and Aida, consists of realistic fiction books that teach young minds the importance of many social and family values.

Exciting News!

Knowing how important it is to prioritize our spiritual journey, we have decided to write another series. While the Amari and Aida book series focuses on the betterment of the worldly journey, the We Pray, Pray, Pray with Hanna, Grandma, and Caleb book series aims at bettering the journey of faith.

Amari Plays Basketball Front and Back Book cover

Faith-Based Books

We decided to start a faith-based book series due to several reasons. First and foremost, to give all the praise and glory to God. On this spiritual journey, we thank God for everything, knowing we can't do anything without Him. We encourage families worldwide to understand the power and importance of daily prayer, praying with and for their children as well as for children or families in need of prayers. To strengthen your relationship with God, give thanks to God for the many blessings and develop valuable praying habits. "PEACE BE WITH YOU." John 20:19 GNT

The We Pray, Pray, Pray series has two books available right now that you can buy from Amazon KDP

I Am Thankful

The first book in the series, I Am Thankful, takes the readers on a spiritual journey with Hanna, her little brother, Caleb, and their Grandma. She encourages her grandchildren to develop valuable praying habits to strengthen their relationship with God.

Read on to find out what happens when Grandma falls ill and goes to the hospital. Will Hanna and Caleb embrace this challenging journey and continue to pray?

The We Pray, Pray, Pray series has two books available right now that you can buy from Amazon KDP

Activity Pages

It also includes fun activity pages to engage the readers and improve their reading journey.

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Coming Soon to We, Pray, Pray, Pray: Forgive Others

Forgive Others is a story about Caleb, his best friend, Omar, and Caleb’s Grandma. During a game in gym class, Omar doesn’t pick Caleb to be on his team and hurts his feelings. Grandma encourages Caleb to practice the value of forgiveness to strengthen his relationship with God.

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Previous Series by the Same Co-Authors

Amari and Aida Book Series

The Amari and Aida book series aims to teach and build basic morals in children through the exciting and empowering journeys of two characters, Amari and Aida.

The Champ

The first book in the series, The Champ focuses on building sportsmanship in children and teaches them the value of teamwork. It comes with a companion workbook.

Aida's Joy

In Aida's Joy, our endearing characters encourage young hearts to embrace self-confidence and boldly confront teasing.

Aida's First Day of School

In Aida's First Day Of School, children will be immersed in a story that fosters a positive mindset and instills unwavering motivation for every adventure.

Amari Plays Basketball

Amari Plays Basketball teaches kids to take responsibility for themselves and inspires them to practice hard to gain progress in every aspect of life.

How To Play Basketball

How To Play Basketball, teaches kids the significance of hard work and perseverance required to develop gametime readiness


About the Co-Authors

Carline Constant and Gregory Constant are a mother-and-son writing duo dedicated to spreading positivity through literature. Carline and Gregory, the creative minds behind Sprinkle Joy Publishing Books, are on a mission to spread pure joy through their uplifting stories. With heartfelt characters and captivating storytelling, they touch the hearts and minds of every reader. Every sentence, illustration, and storytelling idea in Sprinkle Joy Publishing books is crafted with love, making each reading experience a truly delightful journey.

Carline Constant is a mother, author, and educator. She earned a Master's in Education from Brooklyn College City University of New York.

Gregory Constant is an author, entrepreneur, and technology professional. He completed his Bachelor in Informatics from the State University of New York at Albany.

Follow their work by visiting Sprinkle Joy Books.

About The Illustrator

Leena Shariq Headshot

Meet Leena Shariq, a talented self-taught illustrator and portrait artist specializing in children's books, hailing from Pakistan. Nurtured by parental support from an early age, Leena delved into freelancing at 16. In just five years, she has crafted a multitude of enchanting children's book illustrations and captivating stylized portraits. Her portfolio showcases remarkable semi-realistic illustrations that linger in the mind long after viewing


Other Books The Authors Recommend

Upcoming Books

Lastly, we’re excited to announce that two new books, one in each series, are coming out soon. Amari and Aida book series will soon have its sixth book, Aida Plays Soccer, available on Amazon KDP. You will also be available to purchase the third book, Be Thankful: Pray at Mealtime, in the We Pray, Pray, Pray series on KDP.


In The News

Calendar of Events

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★07. National Teacher Day

★12. Mother's Day

★27. Memorial Day

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