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Sprinkle Joy Books Newsletter (February-April)

Thanks to God for everything.

Exciting News!

(1)The Champ (2)Amari and Aida Soccer Coloring & Activity Workbook for Kids

Our very first book in the Aida and Amari series, The Champ, now comes with an exciting companion workbook, Amari and Aida Soccer Coloring & Activity Workbook for Kids. You can purchase both of them on Amazon KDP. We always aim to better our readers’ reading experience, and this is our one way to make it a little more fun and engaging.


The Champ

By Carline Constant and Gregory Constant

The Champ beautifully captures the relationship between a boy, Amari, and his grandpa in sports. It expresses Amari’s worthwhile journey to becoming the world’s next soccer champion.

You can also join Amari, his sister Aida, and Grandpa on their quest to make Amari a soccer champ who embraces the value of teamwork

The Co-Authors

Carline Constant and Gregory Constant are a mother-and-son writing duo who seeks to take on the world and make it a brighter place, one book at a time.

Through Sprinkle Joy Publishing Books, Carline and Gregory spread joy as an uplifting tool in their stories, creating characters that touch the hearts and minds of their readers.

With Carline’s experience as an educator, Gregory’s knack for sports, business, and tech, with their mutual love for storytelling, they craft books that not only resonate emotionally and mentally but also reach those in need of some much-needed positivity in their lives.

Carline and Gregory are co-authors of the book, The Champ, with its companion workbook, Amari and Aida Soccer Coloring & Activity Workbook for Kids! Both capture the relationship between a boy, his grandpa, and his sister on their quest to embrace the value of teamwork.

Follow their work by visiting Sprinkle Joy Books today.


Know More About The Co-Authors

Q1. What inspired you to write your first book?

What inspired me to co-write the first book was when we discussed the title, The Champ with the main character. To be a champ, people need to work together to advance in life, in this case in sports, soccer.

Also, like Amari, I love scoring goals when playing soccer. But when I was younger, unlike Amari, when I played soccer, my father would always come to my games. (Gregory Constant)

Q2. Is The Champ a part of a series? If so, do you plan on writing more books soon?

The Champ is part of an Aida and Amari Series from Sprinkle Joy Books with the next series scheduled to be out sometime in 2023. Each book's storytelling idea is made to sprinkle much-needed joy, not just in the United States, but around the world. The upcoming title is Aida's Joy, featuring more of Aida's characteristics. (Carline Constant)

Q3. What is the hardest part about writing for you?

The hardest part about writing is sometimes encountering a "mental block" during the writing process, meaning, not being able to think clearly about the next direction or words of the character. When this happens, walking away from writing to do something else, in my case, I go play sports. Upon my return to writing, I would brainstorm possibilities. (Gregory Constant)

Q4. How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

Publishing our first book changed the process of writing because it helped me to become more aware of the genre of realistic fiction and its readers. Placing myself in the readers' shoes became very important while writing for me. (Carline Constant)'

Q5. What would you tell your younger writing self?

I would tell my younger self to relax, and just have fun writing what comes to mind! (Gregory Constant)

I would tell my younger self to enjoy each creative moment while writing. In addition, I would tell my younger self that connecting with any piece of writing unlocks the keys to fully developing a story. (Carline Constant)


In The News

Calendar of Events

February 2023 Calendar of the United States of America

★ 14 Tues. Valentine's Day

★ 01 Wed. Black History Month

★ 01 Wed. National Freedom Day

★ 01 Wed. National Get Up Day

★ 01 Wed. National Signing Day

★ 01 Wed. World Interfaith Harmony Week

★ 02 Thu. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

★ 02 Thu. National Hedgehog Day

★ 02 Thu. Candlemas Day

March 2023 Calendar of the United States of America

★ 01 Wed. World Candle Day

★ 01 Wed. National Peanut Butter Lover's Day

★ 01 Wed. Saint David's Day

★ 01 Wed. Self-Injury Awareness Day

★ 01 Wed. Women's History Month

★ 01 Wed. World Music Therapy Day

★ 01 Wed. Zero Discrimination Day

★ 02 Thu. Texas Independence Day

April 2023 Calendar of the United States of America

★ 01 Sat. April Fool's Day.

★ 01 Sat. International Tatting Day

★ 02 Sun. Palm Sunday

★ 05 Wed. Passover begins at sundown, lasts 8 days

★ 07 Fri. Good Friday

★ 07 Fri. National Walk to Work Day 1st Friday.

★ 09 Sun. Easter Sunday

★ 15 Sun. Income taxes due

Coming Soon…

Aida’s Joy, an Aida and Amari Series, written by Carline Constant and Gregory Constant is all set to launch anytime soon in the upcoming year 2023.

Aida’s Joy

My name is Aida. I used to love to smile. I smiled when it rained. I smiled when the sun was shining. I smiled when my brother told me a joke. I was always happy, and my smile made others happy.

Stay tuned for more Aida and Amari books coming in the upcoming years. Till then, stay updated at Sprinkle Joy Books.


Happy Valentines Day to ALL!

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